Missional Matters #2 - Prepare for Easter

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I see Tuesday in the Easter Story is the anointing of Jesus at Bethany. A woman, perhaps one of the Marys, poured an expensive perfume on Jesus’ head while he reclined at the table. The disciples were horrified at the extravagant waste… the money could be given to the poor! But Jesus responded ‘Why are you bothering this woman, she has done a beautiful thing to me… she has done this to prepare me for burial’.

The key word is ‘prepare’. As a scattered church, how are we preparing for Easter in our neighbourhoods? When I go down the street I see bunnies in the windows with children's drawings and messages of Happy Easter. What is a practical Christian response to Easter at this time?

How about putting a cross in your window or front garden? How about an Easter blessing message of ‘Jesus loves you’? Or perhaps on Friday put ‘Jesus died for you’ and change it on Sunday to ‘Jesus lives.

Let’s prepare to be missional this Easter.

Julian Doorey

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