Missional Matters #7 - Faith that matters

Updated: May 26, 2020

There’s lots of speculation about life after Covid.

Some crystal-ball-gazers think life will return quite quickly to business as usual. Others predict irreversible change to the way we socialise and work. Either way, millions of people will be pushed into poverty, whether that be $2 per day in poor countries, or job losses in NZ.

At a personal level, some people are questioning the life they lived ‘before’ and wondering if their life ‘after’ can be more helpful to others and the planet. We’re in a liminal space, having left the ‘old’, but haven’t arrived in the yet-to-emerge ‘new’. Crisis and disruption causes us to question things and ponder alternatives.

Some Christians are exploring a more meaningful future. Covid has removed the Sunday gathered-church routines for now. There’s time to consider God's redemptive plan for the world and our role in it. Philip Yancey, a Christian writer, describes living a faith that matters… a faith that loves people and impacts society. While one dimension of faith is intensely individual, meeting our personal need for comfort and wellbeing, another dimension can provide answers to bigger societal and global concerns… a faith that matters to a watching world.

A question: What difference does my faith in God make - in my community, my country and the world?

Searching for a faith that matters - more? Let’s talk…

Julian Doorey

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