Missional Matters #6 - Take a risk

Life is full of risks.

It’s been interesting to see how different people and countries have approached the Covid-19 crisis. Everything from stay-at-home lockdown to denial.

A huge cultural change our family found upon returning to NZ after years of living in a very poor and much more dangerous country, was how risk-averse NZ has become. Our health and safety laws and culture have led to less accidents and saved many lives, but perhaps with other losses. What happened to the Kiwi DIY #8 wire pragmatism, innovation and willingness to push boundaries? Are we opting for safe lives devoid of uncertainty?

Mission is very risky. God’s first big mission risk was to create humans with the freedom to love or reject him. God’s second big risk was to experience full humanity in Jesus, seeking to reconcile the world to himself. Perhaps God’s greatest risk was to entrust his unfinished mission to you and I. Trying to be a signpost pointing others to God is challenging. Our missional efforts are at best experimental, with no guaranteed outcomes for investing our time, money and careers. I guess that’s where faith comes in.

Deciding to love and share our faith story with someone is risky. How will they respond? What will happen to our relationship? Will we ever have another opportunity? What about our reputation?

Who will you take a risk with this week?

Julian Doorey

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