Missional Matters #4 - Don't panic buy

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Adversity, it can bring out the good or bad in us.

I’ve seen desperately poor people fight for food handouts overseas. But I never thought your average Kiwi would panic buy loo paper during lockdown. Loo paper sales are up 87% on last year. Flour and baking powder have also flown off supermarket shelves, as though we are a nation of prolific bakers.

Panic buying or hoarding is bad in so many ways. Firstly, it robs poor people of basic goods, which they need to buy in small quantities with limited money. God hates it when the poor, widows, orphans and refugees are treated badly. Secondly, it reveals a lack of common sense considering our robust food supply chains and excellent supermarkets. Wonderful ‘essential workers’ are restocking shelves every night. Lastly, it shows a lack of trust in God, who cares for all people in every way. Jesus followers are called to this trust.

To be missional, is to be a signpost pointing to God’s love and provision in our lives, enabling us to share with others.

I can’t imagine Jesus panic buying… so why should we? Let’s encourage others not to.

Have a listen to ‘Friends don't let friends panic buy’, sung by South African muso’s.

It seems loo paper has been flying off their shelves too.

Julian Doorey

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