Missional Matters #3 - Take a walk

Tired of looking at screens? Why not take a walk...

Mission involves journeys. Jesus walked around Palestine. His followers Peter, Paul, Barnabus and Mark walked around Asia Minor.

Walking in St Kilda is fantastic, it’s flat. And lately no one is talking about sea level rise. Claire and I have started neighbourhood walking and noticed other folk doing it too.

How is this missional? I suggest 2 ways. Firstly, I think about the people who live here. Who are they? What do they do? What’s happening inside their homes? What are their stories? As I ponder, I ask God to bless them. Secondly, when I encounter people in their front gardens or walking, if it seems ok, I ask them: How’s your lockdown going?, Are you OK?, Do you need help with groceries?... And see where this leads.

I’m not the expert, I don’t have the answers, I’m just a fellow traveller. But, I can give a kind smile, a helpful word, a listening ear. Sharing a common experience is a great leveller, building empathy and understanding.

As the saying goes ‘What would Jesus do?’… well, I know what he did do… he walked, talked, listened and comforted.

Enjoy your neighbourhood walk. But don’t copy the TV advert ‘Spray and walk away’. Rather, ‘Pray and walk away’.

Julian Doorey

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