Missional Matters #19 - The Easter challenge

Easter seems an obvious time to share our faith.

But, it’s also a challenging time, compared with say, Christmas. Over the last few years our church has put a big focus into creating and promoting Christmas Eve services, resulting in packed out services with church and non-church people. However, when we created a series of services tracing Jesus’ final week (Easter week) and a creative stations of the cross experience, and promoted this widely in the community, no one came.

Christmas tells the story of God coming to earth as Jesus, born into our world, to be a servant-king, a saviour… a joyful time of new life, new beginnings and gift giving. People love it. Easter Week, however is very different, as we follow Jesus experiencing rejection, betrayal, judgement, brokenness, suffering, torture and finally murder on a cross, on what is strangely called Good Friday. By Sunday, Jesus is resurrected and death conquered. As the story twists and turns, our emotions range from lament to joy, anger to peace, and sadness to celebration… a much more difficult story.

How do we communicate all (or any) of this story to non-Christians? How do we explain the deeper meanings of God’s love being expressed through Jesus dying for humanity’s wrong doings? There is no magic formula, but somehow, we need to open our mouth and speak.

Will we try to share our faith this Easter?

Julian Doorey

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