Missional Matters #18 - Out of time

I recently turned 60… It’s a time to reflect, to count blessings so far. It’s also a time to consider my remaining years. Life is a wonderful gift, but can end unexpectantly. I’ve lost 3 close friends - Shane drowned at 22, Greg died playing social football at 48, and Alistair suffered a heart attack in the gym at 53. God created us to do good works, to make a difference in the world… let’s call this mission. The NZ Baptists express this as bringing gospel renewal to people and places in every corner of the world, beginning in my local neighbourhood. Working in overseas mission, I became acutely aware of time running out, observing long-term workers departing, leaving everything they had worked years for. For me it felt like a terminal countdown over the final year, months, weeks and days. The same thing is happening for all of us, but most people don’t notice the imperceptible ebbing away of time. Interestingly, sometimes older people want to be involved in global mission, after having ‘established’ themselves - with financial security and children departed. This works for some, but for others, they’ve left it too late to handle the stress, strain and discomfort of living and working in hard places. Right now there are ‘shovel-ready’ local outreach opportunities begging for someone to give a few hours… and global mission opportunities begging for someone to give a few years. Joining God’s mission is an adventure. Don’t miss out. Julian Doorey

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