Missional Matters #16 - Christmas for everyone?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

It’s easy to forget about others at Christmas.

It goes something like this: If we can afford it, we spend $100s or $1000s on ourselves and our families, buying presents and going on holidays. The family comes first and how much we spend is no one else’s business… or perhaps as followers of Jesus it is?

Each year our church gives opportunities for people to support the Tearfund Christmas appeal. Despite feeling weary after a Covid year, here it comes again… We’re supporting the fight against modern slavery, which comes in many forms. This time we’re fighting Cybersex, the sexual abuse of vulnerable and trapped children usually in poor countries, streamed via the internet for wealthy predator clients, usually in rich countries. This is growing due to Covid induced poverty pushing millions into severe poverty, cheap and fast internet, and inexpensive mobile phones.

It’s ghastly and very un-Christmas like. It’s a long way from the virgin birth, an innocent Christ child and a Holy night. At Christmas, can’t we just leave all the wicked stuff behind and separate ourselves from the world of poverty, war and suffering? Can’t we just focus on family, presents and holidays?

One answer is ‘yes’ - of course we can celebrate and enjoy time with loved ones. But another answer is ‘no’ - we can’t just forget about other people in desperate situations.

The Christ of Christmas is for everyone.

Julian Doorey

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