Missional Matters #11 - A digital Jesus?

Churches have not met in the flesh for 10 weeks.

During this time churches globally moved quickly into having a web-based presence, ours included. A lot of effort has gone into resourcing congregational spiritual journeys through online devotions, musical worship, child and youth activities, and live or recorded Sunday services. People have been free to browse around, some trying multiple church services.

There are various predictions about the future of church, specifically Sunday services. Many people think online services are here to stay. Some have expressed great enthusiasm that their digital services have ‘reached’ many more people based on web views. It’s easier to watch a church service at home - no getting up early or dressing up or travel or socialising if you’re having a bad day.

I’m not sure our future will be quite as online as some think. Do digital dabblers become serving disciples? The incarnation is about God Jesus, becoming ‘Word made flesh’… not ‘Word made digital’. It was a flesh and blood Jesus who lived and died for the world. In a similar way, we’re called to be real people, building a real community, active and serving in a real world.

I really love the web… wonderful for communicating, training (online sermons for 30+ years) and entertaining, but it cannot replace our bodily presence in mission.

Will you be real or digital this week?

Julian Doorey

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