Missional Matters #10 - Encourage your workers.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Covid lockdown taught us about essential workers.

Confined to home, our basic needs still needed to be met. Food was the big one… grown, harvested, packaged, transported, stored, stacked, displayed, sold, cooked… and finally eaten. Suddenly supermarket employees arose in status to become essential front-line workers. Other workers to ascend included those who provide us with clean water, treat our dirty water and take away our rubbish.

God is the original essential worker, seen in the smallest sub-atomic particle, the expanse of the universe and the miracle of life. He continues to work out his purposes, sustaining his creation. Every human is filled with potential to co-work with God in using, managing and caring for the world. Ordinary daily work provides a sense of purpose and meaning, enabling people to serve others with goods and services in generous and just ways. God values people and their work.

Do we? Or do we judge and rank people by their job or place of work, or even make fun of their work? Do we take a genuine interest to learn about people’s working lives and workplace struggles? Research shows that some people find church routines to be irrelevant to their working lives… a Sunday-Monday disconnect, sadly resulting in departure.

Let’s provide a place of belonging and connection for all people and their working experiences.

Who will we encourage in their work this week?

Julian Doorey

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