Easter Week in your Bubble 2020

Sunday 12th April - Resurrection Sunday

Read Matthew 28

Light your candle for The Light of the World is back 😊

Make loud stomping noises to simulate an earthquake

Move your rock, put your spices and bandages away – they are not required.

Blow up balloons, let off party poppers (fireworks if it’s legal?!) find some great rousing Easter Resurrection songs and sing your wee hearts out with whatever improvised instruments one can find (pot lid cymbals, pot drums)

Flutter your cross with bright banners

Eat your Easter eggs remembering the hollow ones are like Christ’s empty tomb. Some traditions roll their eggs down a hill to signify the rolling away of the tomb stone. Some people carefully open hollow chocolate eggs with a hot knife and put strips of cloth as grave cloths then reseal it for people to find when they eat it.

Write a message on your window to let the world know...

He is risen. He is risen indeed!

Claire Doorey

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