Easter Week in your Bubble 2020

Friday 10th April - The Crucifixion

Disclaimer: PG: This story is violent and gruesome it is not suitable for children so censor it as necessary.

Make a cross, it can be as big as you can manage ie: branches/planks or a small one made of twigs/cardboard you can walk around the block/property with it, plant it in the front garden or your window for all to see.

Read the story pick and choose from Matthew 27 v 1 – 61

You can get people to be different parts and read it out like a play

Light a candle (at 3 pm blow it out)

Sing your favourite Easter songs

If you have spices and herbs crush them, pass them round so everyone gets a turn.

If you have some old material, you can rip up into strips and roll for burial cloths or gauze bandages from your first aid kit - leave it all ready on a tray

If you have a rock in the garden move it upright to look like the blocked entrance to Jesus tomb. Or bring a rock inside on the coffee table with the tray of spices, bandages and candle.

Eat your hot cross buns

Claire Doorey

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