Easter Week in your Bubble 2020

Thursday 9th April - The Passover… the Last Supper

Read the story Matthew 26 v 17 – 75 (not all at once!)

Make a meal of this – literally, buy (or more fun make your own) pita bread, lamb chops or sausages, make “bitter herbs” from mint sauce, buy grape juice or crush your own grapes & have your own Passover meal. You may need to remind some of the story of why the Jews were celebrating this - Exodus 12

Read and eat your meal in stages as it suggests:

verses 17 – 20 – eat the lamb with bitter herbs

v 21- 25 – stop for prayer of confession of betrayals

v 26 – eat bread dipped in bitter herbs

v 27 – 29 drink grape juice

v 30 – sing a hymn if it’s a nice night wrap up well and pray in the garden and read the rest of chapter 26

Rest up, tomorrow is a big day!!!...

Claire Doorey

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